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VA4REI is a team of passionate highly trained Filipino Virtual Assistants. We collaborate with clients in the field of Real Estate Investing to establish bold, effective working relationship.

va working on Transaction Coordination

Transaction Coordination

Responsible for managing and monitoring the transaction process through interfacing with real estate professionals, clients, customers, vendors, title and escrow, attorneys, and lenders.

Lady VA working on Valutaion tasks at VAREI office

Valuation Task: CMA, BPO, MSR

Your VA can help you create, evaluate, fill out and assess properties through forms. (Broker Price Opinion, Monthly Status report and Comparable Market Analysis). Our training course includes Fannie Mae, and Equator.

virtual assistant working on MLS Website Listing Management

MLS & Website Listing Management

Your VA can become the main point of contact after the property goes live in the market. Part of the Listing Coordinator’s responsibility is to update the information found in MLS and make the necessary adjustment from time to time.

virtual assistant working on Prospect Management

Prospect Management

Excellent marketing needs to be balanced off by diligent prospect management. provides VA’s who can learn, manage and monitor your leads through the likes of Top Producer and Boomtown.

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VA4REI strives to be at the forefront of offering top quality outsourcing and virtual assistant services to Real Estate Investors worldwide

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Inbound and Outbound Calls

Filipinos are one of the leading English speaking countries, rest assured your VA is competent working with inbound and outbound calls.

Website Management

The VA’s that we screen are also technically inclined that can manage different kinds of website may it be iNetUSA, RealeFlow, FreedomSoft and other platforms.

Client Services

Your VA is well trained when it comes to handling email and customer relations tasks. An imperative skill is how to handle clients the best way possible.

Database or CRM Management

Your VA can manage and organize your database of contacts and that ensure the flow of communication is flawless.

Business Directory Submission

Your VA can submit your business on various directories and channels to widen your reach and searchability.

Lead Generation

Your VA is well trained in installing various methodologies in generating qualified leads for your business to grow. We don’t just give names, we give contacts that convert.

Keyword Research

As a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization, your VA makes sure that getting the right keywords and the right kind of audience sees your online presence as an authority.

CMA Research

Your VA is a research wiz that can do sound Comparative Marketing Analysis research on different topics and areas.

Web Creation

We also employ the best and most experience web developers and creators in our team for an array of web projects that serve your growing online web marketing needs.

Data Entry

Concentrate on the most important task and leave the repetetive ones to us, your VA can do the tasks that you don’t want to do, like data entry.

Email Management/Marketing

Your VA is trained with our proven system of marketing thru email that converted more leads and generated our clients more businesses.

Property Listing Management

Your VA can list and manage your properties on various channels that return high exposure rate thus increasing engagement and conversion.

Social Media Management

Your VA can manage your social media presence and made sure that your online engagement and organic reach is reaching metrics.

Search Engine Registration

We train your VA to make sure that search engines will find you and will generate traffic for your organically.

BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion)

Your VA is well equipped with tools that can help with the most advance intelligence and report on making broker’s price opinion.

Squeeze Pages

We have in-house marketing and technical VAs and personnel that can do the most converting squeeze pages should you decide to make an enticing offer to your leads.

Online Marketing

Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, Trulia, Zillow, you name it, we have it. Your VA is well equipped with our system and is proven to strengthen your online presence.

Content Management

Your VA can manage various contents like blog posting, Press Releases, and News Articles. As they say, content is king.

Buyers List and management

Your VA can specifically build and manage database of buyers. This will ensure a lasting relationship with your clients and repeat businesses are always on the table.

Search Engine Optimization

Your VA is well exposed to wide array of methods in optimizing for search engine has proven time and again that clients work with us stay on top of their game.


We provide virtual assistants that have a bookkeeping and accounting background, and therefore can help you with Quickbooks.


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