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va4rei virtual assistant team meeting

The Best Way To Start 2017: Designate Your Task to a Virtual Assistant

by Alex Garcia • December 28, 2016

Let’s Get Ready for 2017! VA4REI is a Virtual Assistant service providing company. We have been helping real estate investors improve their business by providing professional and reliable Virtual Assistants. By micromanaging their tasks and delegating them to fully trained and cooperative Virtual Assistants, many investors have had their own successes in the real estate […]

virtual assistants working

Hiring a Virtual Assistant? These Are The Things You Must Consider!

by Alex Garcia • December 15, 2016

Many people rushed into the Virtual Assistant project like a prospector on a gold mine. Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your Real Estate business either for investors, realtors, brokers or for any other business is not like buying a panacea from the apothecary. Just like any other drug, having a Virtual Assistant requires prescriptions. One […]

Virtual Assistant on a working laptop


by Alex Garcia • November 30, 2016

Virtual Assistants came with the dawn of technologies and has benefited many people in more ways than they could possibly imagine. From leisure, business, recreation, news and virtually anything and everything under and above the sky, people can now interact and talk about it. Distance is made shorter, travel and communications made faster. One of […]