Starting a Career with us is very simple

  • Sunset-Alojado
    — Sunset Phoebe Alojado
    VA4REI has a package deal Virtual Assistants that some of the companies don't have. With our Filipino culture, we are adaptable, dedicated, professional and hardworking assistants that clients can always depend on. As this is my first time to do home-based job, VA4REI helped me to be independent and gain more of my self-esteem. It is not a typical home-based job that you work and live on your own. The team always assists and guides you to be a better Virtual Assistant if needed (such as extensive training/refresher). With VA4REI and the clients, you feel valued for every task that you do and resolve.
  • Jab-Balayon
    — Jab Balayon
    I chose VA4REI because when I heard about this company, I said to myself "freedom". Working home based simply means you are SMART and I learned this word during my college days. SMART is applied to all things: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-Oriented. SMART is one of the characteristics of being a VA. I love working as a VA because I can manage my own time, free from traffic, less stress, and most of all, more time with my family and that what really made me fall in love. VA4REI help me to grow as a better individual. I had a lot of experience working with different types of people but except for one, and that is talking to a US-based client and speaking with their dialect, which I have no confidence at all. This is an essential part of my experience working as a VA and I thank VA4REI for giving me the opportunity to be one of their fruits as the company grows and so am I.
  • Lovely-Balayon
    — ​Lovely Grace Balayon
    I chose VAREI because it's not just a place to work in and earn money. It has become many other things - a place to learn, to share ideas, to develop one's talents and skills or to find meaning and realize one's passion. It's a wonderful company to work for, the admins and staffs are very friendly, and a great sociable bunch. Management is very supportive, too. VA4REI has helped me a lot to realize my dreams - to be able to give my family a comfortable living situation, me and my Husband (Also a VA working for VA4REI) were able to buy our very own house​ because of their utmost support​, trust,​ and patience, send our ​ children to the best schools without asking financial support from our ​parents​, modesty aside​. Not only that, the ​company was able to mold me to become a better person, not the best, but a least a better version of myself.
  • Jo-Ann-Alabata
    — Jo Ann Alabata
    VA4REI is a company that has a heart for their employees. They always think about the welfare and recognizes the work of the VAs and staff. There was a time that I badly need financial assistance, the company helped me get an interview for a possible client. Fortunately, that client hired me as her VA and I began immediately. From there on, I worked for that client for almost 2 yrs.
  • Mary-real-estate-virtual-assistant
    — Mary
    “I started as a substitute for one of the VA who decided to change a career. It was not easy to start… from Technical Support Agent shift to A Real Estate Investor’s VA. Thanks to our founder who helped me a lot during the training process. Thanks to all my clients, for trusting me since day 1. I know sometimes there will be ups and downs but there’s a rainbow always after the rain. Team work, hard work and a POSITIVE attitude is the KEY!”
  • Dorie-real-estate-virtual-assistant
    — Dorie
    “I love working with va4rei, my experience with them is always a learning process especially dealing with clients. In time of difficulties, one of those was the unexpected death of my husband. They are all behind me supporting, my special thanks to the founder.”
  • Jenny-real-estate-virtual-assistant
    — Jenny
    “As 1 of the VA for Real Estate Investors, it is very overwhelming knowing that you are helping someone/client with his/her business. Most especially when they appreciate and acknowledge your work. Being one of those chosen few for clients trust is worth the happiness.”
  • Kristal-real-estate-virtual-assistant
    — Kristal
    “Thumbs up for VA4rei! My work is well compensated plus I got a bonus of cool buddies accompanying me (virtually) as we rock all night working. KUDOS!”

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