Many people rushed into the Virtual Assistant project like a prospector on a gold mine. Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your Real Estate business either for investors, realtors, brokers or for any other business is not like buying a panacea from the apothecary. Just like any other drug, having a Virtual Assistant requires prescriptions. One should evaluate the prospect of having a VA, the condition of your business, the resource at hand and the areas that require a VA the most.

Here are some helpful tips on how to start a Virtual Assistant for real estate or any other business.

Scope of the VA

It is important that you have a specified task that your Virtual Assistant needs to perform. Begin on tasks that can be monitored and tasks that you also have knowledge with. Do not overload your VA. A Virtual Assistant no matter how expertly the skill level, is best to focus on one specified task at a time. Multitasking is not as effective as focusing on a task. There have been many studies debunking the efficiency of multitasking. Always remember your VA is not a robot.

The Tools of the Trade

Another equally important aspect to consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant for either Real Estate Investors, agents, brokers or realtors are the tools your VA is going to need to perform his/her duties. First to consider would be the VA’s capacity to respond and perform tasks. Does the Virtual Assistant have the necessary tools to go about the job? A Virtual Assistant would need to have a computer that is fast and reliable equipped with headsets/camera/ and whatever auxiliary tools that you may require your VA to have.

The next is the contractor’s tools. Before employing a Virtual Assistant for your Real Estate business or other business, you should have at least some of these tools; CRM, dialer, leads, database and many others. There are free and paid for each of these services and you can choose one that works for you best. CRM is important as an organizing tool for all your leads, database and other pertinent and important files to be stored. If you want your Virtual Assistant to make calls for you, you should have a dialer system in place. Some dialers have recording capacity and others are just simple. Leads and database are important to keep the VA busy. These will allow you to maximize the time of your VA and minimize wastages.

As previously mentioned, there are free and paid tools that you can use for each of these services. It would be best if you can make an adequate research as to what type of tools would work best for you and your business. Such carefully planned and well prepared VA program can mean the difference between a successful VA partnership and a failed one.

Communication Between VA and Employer

There must never be a wedge between the VA and the employer. Constant and open communication is a must when hiring a Virtual assistant. Communication has always been a vital ingredient in any relationship, why should business be any different? Since there is a distance between employer and Virtual Assistant, the line of communication must be open and fluid all the time. It is imperative that the VA gets informed about the what’s happening in the market or your business to keep the Virtual Assistant at the ready and at the game pace all the time.

Coaching and sharing of insights are also a good way of showing that you as an employer care about your VA’s progress and your business. Such a constant and open line of communication will mean more productivity from the VA and will ultimately benefit you and your business at the same time. Giving pats on the back by saying you did a good job either via email or calling your VA is also a good way of boosting the morale and increasing the excitement of the VA to do repetitive tasks. Boredom is the number one killer of VAs. Always be in touch, keep correspondence and say good things as often as needed.

These small and simple things will motivate your Virtual Assistant and increase work efficiency for free.