Let’s Get Ready for 2017!

VA4REI is a Virtual Assistant service providing company. We have been helping real estate investors improve their business by providing professional and reliable Virtual Assistants. By micromanaging their tasks and delegating them to fully trained and cooperative Virtual Assistants, many investors have had their own successes in the real estate business. VA4REI have been in the business for more than 5 years started out from 0 to hero. Yes! The company started from a single VA who gained trust by putting hard work and efficiency to the tasks. Now, founder and CEO of VA4REI Alex Garcia have more than 40 VAs working for more than 100 real estate investors in the U.S. By end of next year, we project to double the number of investors that we’ve helped.

VA4REI is carefully staffed to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients. We adhere to a non-disclosure agreement and the company has a strict work ethic that helped us retain most of our clients. We understand how business works, every piece of metal is important, just like a clock. But your business does not have to be a clockwork, you just need to find the right management. With VA4REI, we treat your business like our business. We will provide the training and supervising of your VA to ensure the tasks are done right.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  1. Calling Prospect Sellers and Buyers (FSBO, Motivated Seller Leads, Probate, etc.)
  2. Managing Inbound and Outbound Calls from your marketing campaign
  3. Email and internet marketing to build the clients Buyers List
  4. Manage the Clients Buyers list
  5. Email marketing to FSBO sellers
  6. Management of clients RealFlow/Freedomsoft/Podio and other accounts
  7. Create Buyer and Seller Images for marketing
  8. Ad posting (We Buy Houses and We Sell Houses Ads)
    • Craigslist
    • Backpage
  9. Social Media Management
    • Facebook – join real estate groups
    • Twitter – follow real estate professionals
    • LinkedIn – connect with real estate professionals
    • Biggerpockets – connect with real estate professionals and ask them for their email addresses and phone number, add them to sellers/buyers list
    • Connected Investors – connect with real estate professionals and ask them for their email addresses and phone number, add them to sellers/buyers list
  10. Gather email address/es of another real estate professional and email them when there is a new property that the client is selling, or email them if you are looking for houses to buy
  11. Email random real estate professionals and ask them if they want to be included in the client’s VIP list

We understand your business is unique, and so we expect that you might do things a little bit differently. Not to worry, we will work with you all the way and will follow what makes your business a success. We would like to hear more from you so please let us know how we can help?

Have a Happy Holidays and a fruitful 2017, from VA4REI family.